MARKETING - Know do you what they wish his clients?

“Within 5 years there will be two types of companies: those that know their clients and those that are lost” (Michael Porter dixit). Then, if we want to survive in the world of the businesses, how we can know our clients?

Then, to obtain the satisfaction and the delight of our clients, as previous steps to their loyalty are almost one obligation. But, how obtained is this?

One of the pillars of modern marketing is to conceive innovating ideas that they are transformed into strategies to create unforgettable personal experiences. From this perspective, the satisfaction of the client is the culmination of the sum of its experiences, is the individual subjective answer before the direct bonding and indirect of the product or service that an organization offers.

It is followed, then, that stops to obtain the satisfaction we must detach the experiences that compose it: Which are the positive experiences that our product offers the client? Which are the refusals? Which are the experiences that are generated previously to the consumption? And later?

In last instance, the success of a marketing program will depend to obtain this data and to use it to increase the positive experiences and to reduce the refusals at all the moments at which the client is related to our product. With our VPS hosting with SSD, everything will be faster and your client will be satisfied. Also, it provides control panel and many other things that you need.

Evidently, it is not possible to be satisfied (or to be surpassed) the expectations of the consumer if we do not know what wishes. And what better form to know to the one that to ask it?

What wish, how they wish it, of what color wish it, what so large wish it, in what flavors wish it, what presentation prefer, what price would be arranged to pay, what particular attribute must have, in what conditions would have to be offered?

Some executives trust their intuition and the anecdotal data to respond to these questions. It is certain that, with this “method”, some have had excellent results. Nevertheless, also it is certain that, of this form, the marketing plan will be exposed to a great risk of failure.

The application of formal tools of measurement will allow us, indeed, to diminish the uncertainty. Between the techniques of measurement of perception of more important clients we can mention:

Surveys or sounding of perception: Short questionnaires (the clients give their time to us) applied to our clients.

Focus group or sessions of group: To direct sessions of groups of clients with the aim of obtaining commentaries and sincere perceptions of our products or services.

Mysterious client or incognito client: Person who for of client and has been evaluating our products and services (in situ) according to certain parameters.

Group of approach or representative clients: To determine clients whose profile agrees with the one of our objective public and to evaluate its perception of periodic way.

Survey of internal client: Questionnaire applied to our collaborating on the perception of our products and services.

Complaints, reclamations and suggestions: Technique by which the internal and external clients present to us their perceptions on our organization.

So that it is to us useful, this must be collected periodically and continuously, because desires and needs of the people are cambiantes, and evolve in relation to factors that determine our lifestyle.

Properly applied, these techniques will provide reliable information that it will be the fundamental consumption for the decision making of marketing, with the aim of offering matchless experiences to our clients.