MARKETING - Olfactory marketing: seduction through aroma

The sense of smell is one of the most important senses, because it is bound to the memory and the feelings. The human being is able to remember 35% of which he smells, whereas than he only reads to memorise 5%. It is by that olfactory marketing is taking more and more terrain within the strategies of the companies.

We count on the capacity to associate sensations coming from the five senses and to relate them to concepts, that generate feelings and emotions as well. A scent has the ability to alter to the sense of the humor or perception of the meals, but most important: it is to be able to persuade a person to that it buys what smells.

The principles of olfactory marketing consider the sense of smell as the most important sense, because it is bound to the memory and the feelings, which brings about reactions that unite memory-emotion-product-brand.

The marketing of the sense of smell is relatively new, because until recently, the announcements with aromas used to be exclusive of the industry of the fragrances and cosmetics. Every time they are plus the modern companies that dare to utlizarlo, because it constitutes a competitive advantage that other average ones as Internet cannot be useful.

It consists of the installation of conditioners of scents, that they have by objective to brighten up a point of sale and to prolong the visit of the possible client. The numbers demonstrate that a store with aroma, can be up to 33% more profitable than one than does not have it.

The great brands look for to reinforce their identity using fragrances that identify them through design “Odotipo”, that consists of a stable aromatic form that register as one of the distinguishing elements of a brand, reason why it is not only tried to perfume the atmosphere of a point of sale. The companies look for to obtain a peculiar and unique scent, that is not associated to another brand.

The creation of “odotipo” or “olfactory image” supposes a process of elaboration of until a year, where it is taken into account to what type of public goes directed the product, what type of sensation looks for to recreate and the emotions that he tries to evoke.

It is not only tried to obtain a good scent, but a scent with a sense and a logic that the identity of the brand reinforces.

At present, the food establishments are those that are had bold to use this type of marketing. The aroma to bread just removed from the furnace or to coffee preparation, was first in being used as tactics in the industry of the marketing of the sense of smell.

In the United States brands as Hard Rock Coffee, Ritz Carlton, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Marriot and Macy's, among others, they have tried you will prepare and secured them successful results. Disney in its parks of diversions gives to realism to the presentations with scent to burned rubber or powder, whereas in its streets impregnates aroma to pop corn in order that to its visitors it opens the appetite to them.