MARKETING - The seven orders of Max-and-Marketing

The classic book of Stan Rapp and Chuck Martin recommends to forget the concepts as an older person and new economy because “the only one that matters is the real one, and that one is the economy of the future in Network.

Stan Rapp, coauthor of the MaxiMarketing trilogy, and Chuck Martín, author of Net Future, is authors of a classic one who combine the foundations of marketing with the reality of the digital economy. Max-and-Marketing in the Net Future (McGraw-Hill

©2001), it gives the lineaments that, according to both, are necessary to take the opportunities and to avoid the risks in the vertiginous climate of change.

The dynamics of the electronic businesses demands a new type of bow between the company and its clients, the company and all the involved parts, between the perception of the brand and the experience of the brand… and until between the company and its competitors.

To forge these new connections is not easy. The deep way in which the Internet affects the form in which the modern society works is destined to change marketing with the same depth.

The new marketing must be structured around creative strategies, communications and interactions that also add value for the client and for the results of the company. Those strategies lean in which the authors denominate “the seven orders of Max-and-Marketing:

1. It uses what knows to give impulse to which does. Everything what you do you must serve to increase what knows. One of the most important assets of all company is the data that it obtains through the interaction -- inside and outside the Network -- with its clients. In this new economy the difference between success and failure can be conditional reason why you know and by how she uses it to obtain what needs to know.

2. He eliminates the difference between Product and Service. He combines both things to present a “creation”. No longer he reaches with putting in the market a product or a service. When fusing products and services in preferential creations, you will be able to differentiate his selling idea in a comoditizado market (that is, a market where the products are lost differentiation).

3. He differentiates each relation as well as he differentiates each client. He adds relational value to the value of the brand. In the future, the convergence of the knowledge of the client with the interaction with the client will generate a special experience for each individual. When integrating the applications that the world of e-business (applications of sales, services, and attention to the client) with the traditional processes of CRM allows (Customer Relationship Management) can be obtained that the relation with each one of the clients is as different as is the profile of data of each person.

4. It does personally less possible. Always you are others it can do something better than. The key of the success is in obtaining that the others make the greater amount of possible work. The trading partners, suppliers, distributors and end users can make great part of the “heavy work”. That way, its company will be with the free hands to concentrate itself in its central abilities. It finds out who is the person more indicated to realise each piece of the proposal of value; it will see that, generally, always there is somebody can do something faster and better than you.

5. It tries to turn into product to his interactive process. Now yes that of “the process is truth is the message”. It makes two generations, Marshall McLuhan proclaimed: “The means are the message”. When marketing began to depend more and more on the novel television, a total reframing of the way was necessary to create a brand. Now that marketing depends on an electronic system architecture, and of software of attention to the client, also it is necessary a reframing of what it is most important in his proposal of sale.

6. It tries that the experience of the brand surpasses to the perception of the brand. As the interaction with the end user is become the predominant form to make businesses, the experience that today has each user with a brand is going more and more to determine the position of the company in the market. What you do for, by and with the client who surpasses the perception of the brand creates capital name brand and the future value of the relation.

Ing. Walter Távara

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