ENTREPRENEURS - The administration of the vertigo

Fernando Grosso next to other specialists discussed the management of the technological companies in a university congress organized by the UAI, and compared the birth of a company with Mago de Oz.

The computer science undertakings follow a way similar to the one of the rest of the industries for the difficult passage from the idea to the company and the project between friendly to the company administered according to the legal norms and of quality. But they have his secrets. Most important it is than it is a business in which the cycles are much more short and, therefore, the answer capacity must be faster.

All the participants of the table on “management in Information Technology companies” that the International of Information Technology was realised within the framework of the Congress organized by the Inter-American Open University (UAI) agreed in that there are some schemes to face an undertaking that are common to all the industries.

While outside the hall the ground floor of the building of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences, tens of visitors, exhibitors, educational, students and organizers they delighted with the robots done by students of the university, in the interior some 400 people listened Fernando Grosso, a specialist in management and dean of the Faculty of Enterprise Sciences of the UAI to count step by step of the construction of a company using as plot model a fairytale: Mago de Oz.

Thus he described the first steps. To have an intention, to form an equipment to face the great challenges, that each member of the equipment can fulfill its own objectives within the group, that all have overcoming necessity and that all can discover which are their potentialities, because “the people do not need that inject qualities to them, but they help to discover them those that already they have”, he shelp.

In final slide, the tin plate Dorothy, lion, robot, the scarecrow and the small dog – loyalty also is a quality for a company fulfilled the objectives, after happening through innumerable eventful journeys. As all entrepreneur knows, it is necessary to study, but the majors experiences come from the failure. As usually it happens, the second exhibitor approves what has been shelp by first and soon he makes his own evaluation. Miguel Angel Calello, president of the Camera of Companies of the sector of Technologies of information (CESSI) explained which are the particularitities of the sector: 1500 companies compose some, between great, medians and girls, with 50,000 employees and one invoicing of US$ 7000 annual million.

Also it spoke of the equipment, of the dream turned into undertaking, the shared vision and the necessity to be distributing the rolls as one becomes conceited. It put certain emphasis in the necessity to stick the great jump of the undertaking to the company, with a legal form, specialized distribution of rolls and professionals, with a structure that requires investment, with a business model that serves so that the dream, in addition, allows to live.

Position to differentiate between these undertakings and those from the other industries, Calello was final: They are equal, but there are two characteristic differentials. First it is that the companies work with an intangible one that, in addition, undergo changes and accelerated lapsings.

Second it is that in technology, the human resources are the littlest and changeable good. Grosso was different, in the measurement that shelp in several opportunities that the enterprising scheme does not depend on the industry on which treats, but Calello clarified at some time “in all company it is necessary to share the vision and to integrate the dreams of each in a dream common, but in TIC (Technologies of the Information and the Communication) in addition must have an important incentive so that there is not a personnel drain”.

Within the same table and with a similar logic, Cristian Moleker, head of the Area of Technological Entailment of the Secretariat of Science and Technology of the computer science park of the End, in San Luis, explained how the technological poles can serve to contain and to stimulate the entrepreneurs. To share some of the aspects of management is an option to take the first steps with the smaller possible risk.