ENTREPRENEURS - Businessmen by necessity

The present financial tsunami turned into global economic storm has put legs above the labor market. Great shipwrecks in a crisis have been registered already to which nobody puts boundary. In that ocean of uncertainty, to create your own company is a life-guard to whom you can be taken hold to heave the weather.

Alfonso de Senillosa, founder of Workcenter, businessman by necessity, “because became he saw me incapable to integrate me in any established organization”. Or he is because we did not find our labor opportunity, or because we want to conciliate personal life with vocation or because we remained simply in unemployment, the certain thing is that the undertaking by necessity exists and in the times that run still more.

The statistics also confirm this argument. According to the data picked up in the last Global report Entrepreneurship Monitor, the GEM of 2008, the entrepreneur by necessity only represented 14.8%, a percentage that located us in the scene of a developed country.

“Due to the crisis an important increase of the people is taking place whom they undertake by necessity because there is much people who do not have labor opportunities and must look for the life through undertaking”, Ignacio of the Fertile valley, director of Center recognizes the International of Enterprising Management, professor of the Institute of Company (IE) and director of the GEM España report.

In order to try to correct some of these faults, we have asked different experts who give advice us. This one is the result.

Weaknesses of these entrepreneurs

In order to begin, we make a small x-ray of the common characteristics to these businesses arisen from the necessity:

• They count on rents lower than those than undertake by opportunity.

• The founder usually has more age than in the cases of the vocational entrepreneur, of average, 1.5 years greater.

• They have studies average and superiors, although in this concept they are below those of opportunity.

• Usually they own more professional experience in the sector – the one that plays its favor and begin with a capital seed that goes up to around the 71,270 Euros.

The three main disadvantages:

• Greater aversion to the risk and, by extension, less tolerance to the failure.
As a rule, these entrepreneurs are themselves led to invest the limited resources on which they count, or the indemnification or the capitalization of unemployment, which brings about an excessive precaution or prevents in the decision making that can end at the stagnation of the activity. “Usually they have the sensation of only shoot: I only have this opportunity and if he does not come out well I have a problem”, he explains Of the Fertile valley.

• Little size of the company.
Normally this type of undertakings characterizes by their small size, almost mainly unipersonal, and a certain cortoplacista vision what brings about a smaller sustainability of the companies created by these reasons.

• Absence of enterprise vocation.
The entrepreneur, by necessity or flight of the circumstances in which he is, rarely counts on previous an enterprise vocation, which usually happens in an absence of specific formation and a deficiency in the own abilities of the entrepreneur.