ENTREPRENEURS - To learn to delegate

To control all the areas of your business can be the brake for your growth. It follows the advice of Ezequiel Farca and it turns to your collaborators into the motor of your company.

When a business is born, it is common that the entrepreneur does of everything. He is the administrator who generates the projects, leaves to look for clients, pays, it receives, it acts as recruiter and, sometimes, he is also the one that lowers the curtain.

But, what happens when a company depends only on a person? Answer: the growth is limited. This it was the case of Ezequiel Farca, an industrial designer who in the last nine years has dedicated himself to settle down strategies and to implement tools that give independence him to their business, a recognized study of architecture and inner design of the City of Mexico.

“When you must it do all your, although you have a million clients you are not going to be able to take care of them”, affirms. “There is no a person who knows it everything, but when she is your business sometimes you become a little obstinate. First error, because there is a point in which physically you cannot”.

When he understood that its signature had to work single, the entrepreneur took a first step: he accepted his errors, gradually he stopped being a “todólogo” and elaborated a plan based on three axes: to have everything in writing, to invest in technology and to fortify to its work party.

And he obtained it. Today, the majority of the areas of their company is prepared to work without him to the front. In addition Farca affirms that they are surpassing the subject of the crisis and, although when its portfolio of clients began 19 years ago grew to the double every year, today its company with planning obtained the stability.

“I am convinced that so that a company grows the change begins by you”, it affirms. “For that reason I accepted that it needed people who had the qualification to also create atmospheres as I would do it, but that we required technology to coordinate all the processes”.

The effort to align all the areas has given important results. And although it is a long way to cross, his company – what takes its name has been positioned as the first Mexican company in offering integral services of design and inner architecture for any space, from hotels to shopping malls.

And not only that. Today, the small business that founded almost 20 years ago on the house of its parents has 22 employees and more than 20 clients of the size of Aeroméxico, Comex and developer as Corian Dupont, Urrea Group, Nouvel Studio and Res – In.

Something more? The Ezequiel Farca company managed to position its services through its collaborations of design with the architects and more famous Mexican developers. For example, it worked with Enrique Norten in the line of furniture of the Hotel Lives, with Danhos Group in the project the Reformation 222 and with the hotel group It inhabits in the design and the manufacture of the furniture for Hotel/Hotel, a new development in Acapulco. “Everything is thanks to the work party”.

It fortifies your weaknesses

As any professional who wishes to offer his services independently, Farca began to design in 1991 from the house of its parents. Although in 1995 it opened his first office of design, was until 2000 that decided to open a company in form.

From the beginning it gained clients and it obtained gains, but to position itself as a great designer needed to follow with his formation, so he decided to study a masters in Barcelona. It took his suitcases and it left in charge his business.

The result? When returning, the numbers did not square and had clients displeasures. Here the tendency of the entrepreneur began to have the things under its control. Until one approached with one of his friendly that were dedicated to give consultancy to businesses. “It told me: what you must do is to create a company. I thought that already she had it, but were as basic faults as the related ones to the administration area”, she explains.

Then, of the hand of advisers and experts, he made a diagnosis of the organization and detected what was what needed to improve. The results were surprising. As he did not sit down with its equipment to make feedback of the projects, he did not know for sure what wanted its market, and thus was impossible to obtain that their collaborators were aligned creative with him.

On the other hand, the financial reports were incomplete and all the clients requested the presence of Ezequiel in each one of the projects. “Now a project arrives to us and my level of involvement is only conceptual, the rest takes it the managers of cells and we appointed a project director that causes that the work is of maximum quality”. Any company can obtain this change, but Ezequiel recommends that although things exist that your work party does, the key is not to neglect your accounts key. “I delegate, but with priorities”, she aims.

The basic ingredients in the professionalisation of Ezequiel Farca were to create manuals of procedures and to complete their plan of businesses – that with time was made more solid. The goal was clear: it loved to be businessman and not a simple designer on whom they fall the responsibilities.

Then he created a organizational structure, he defined all the positions that its business required and soon it realised job streams. In them he described each process from the moment at which he arrives at a client and the way in which he is taken care of to him, to the design of the furniture and the space, and the times of delivery. Thus any employee knows what to do before certain situations.

To sum up, the company comprises of the network of entrepreneurs of the accelerator of Endeavor businesses.

But it takes into account that to detect the faults of a company is not a simple task, you need humility to recognize that you are not doing it well. In the case of Farca, before looking for consultant's office, institutionalizing and to have everything in writing, the days focused to solve ‘bomberazos”. And it is that there was no a defined strategy and the equipment did not have tools to make a true planning of projects (with measurable times, functions and costs).

Another red center was that as the signature did not make its furniture and it did not give pursuit to the maquiladores, these gave the price them that wanted. At the moment, although Ezequiel Farca makes its pieces, when they gain projects in places remote and complicated to arrive, look for support of local maquiladores. In order to guarantee the quality of all the production the signature counts on manufacture manuals. Also they contracted a person who only dedicates herself to the department of purchases, they controlled expenses and they made a table of costs.

At the same time, all the directors of the company know exactly which are the tendencies of the market. The information flows constantly and know month with month what product is the one that is sold more, of what so large, what color and what material. “If you do not know this information, how you can know what to design? ”, it aims.

The following challenge will be to develop an area of sales that allows the entrepreneur to delegate the search of clients. “80% of this task I do it and 20% rest are generated nothing else in the store and. We are reinforcing right this part”, it adds.

Integra technology

“Investments exist that you must do if what you want it is to grow”, it says convinced Farca. One of them is the integration of technological solutions to know the times delivery, the times of production, the frequent capacity of answer, clients, the cash flow, et cetera.

In its beginnings the signature did not count on any administrative tool to control income and, as it happens to many entrepreneurs, everything took control by hand of the resources available and homemade schemes. Therefore, the information had mistakes.

“If it had studied administration the things had possibly been simpler, but it was not thus and as everything depended on me, eight years after taking my company everything it was a true disaster”, it comments. The recommendation is in looking for people who effectively make these tasks and that you look for a solution to be ordered.

After a deep selection between the different options that existed in the market, Ezequiel acquired in 2006 the System of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of SAP for small and medium businesses. The decision was based on the requirements of the business, so it analyzed who could give (in a same solution) information him on the production area, as well as lights of what it was what had to order and how to organize the area of sales.

The benefits are tangible. The managers know the status of their deliveries, can monitor their income, to make prognoses of sales, have immediate reports and, mainly, share information between all the involved areas. And everything is not into the hands of Farca. “I was customary to shout as crazy person because she assumes that the things thus worked. Today I sleep calm”.

• Any turn of businesses can be professionalized. Do it in writing.
• You do not play the “solitary Plainsman” and pon to other people to the front of determined project. There is no a person in the world that knows to do it everything.
• You are not scared to invest in technology, thus all you will have it under control without spending of or wasting time more.
• It finds a niche that is excited and you do it profitable.
• It implements tools that allow you to grow of form ordinate.
• It always enables to your employees, they will cause that your business works when you are not