AGAINST the CRISIS - the extreme poverty “to fight it is task of all”

The extreme poverty puts in doubt the attainment of the Objectives of Development of the Millenium. To fight it is possible, but it is not clear how to eradicate it. Diverse NGO has started up campaigns to help the families to surpass the effects of the economic crisis that suffers, while a effort is requested to the institutions that obtains the key tool for all: the use. (What it worries to me is the corruption)

For this reason, the Objectives of the Millenium have more and more help to obtain them. The “Guide on globalisation, Objectives of Development of the Millenium and decent work” has been united recently to this effort, where the extreme poverty occupies a strategic place. If one is able to eradicate it, other parameters will improve, as the access to the education, the sanitary services or the equality between men and women.

In this race, framed in a scene of world-wide crisis that tries to surpass itself, the work is the greater yearning of the citizens. The objective would be to analyze if it is possible to secure Objective 1: To eradicate the extreme poverty and the hunger.


The impellers of this guide remember that the International Labour Organization (IEO) chose the concept “decent work” to distinguish a way to do “in conditions of freedom, equality, security and human dignity”. This one is the type of desirable work for all the people. Nevertheless, they emphasize, “is far from being a universal reality, although its implantation is considered essential to fight against the poverty”.

The work is considered basic to fight it because the uncertainty of the conditions in which it is realised “deepens plus the situations of poverty and the increase of the inequalities”. In addition, it is considered that they would have to change the labor and economic relations and that it would be necessary to eliminate the external debt now.


Cáritas finishes starting up a new phase of the campaign “Cáritas before the crisis”. It tries to animate to the society “to reinforce his solidarity with the victims of the economic situation”. The present motto is “Are people, are not numbers”, whose intention is to impel a greater solidarity with the poorest people. The last Survey of Conditions of Life of the NSI reveals that the rate of poverty still is high of the population.

The most vulnerable people and in exclusion risk conform this initiative, that takes care of the urgent demands of help of those who the consequences of the crisis in the world feel of more direct form. The Plan of Action before the Crisis of Cáritas was also born to this end, after detecting that more and more people go to their rear area net of welcome and primary care “to look for precise solutions urgent situations of extreme necessity and uncertainty.


It would be necessary to realise a campaign “fights by the equality. It is of Justice” with activities of action in favor of the political participation and the economy of the cares. Defending the equality of conditions in all the spaces of decision making, promoting shared in common bonds between women and man of Peru, to establish a mutual understanding and respect, to elaborate material didactic to distribute in Educative Institutions and to develop sensitization campaigns.

On the necessity that is insisted the women are present in all the scopes of the society to secure a real equality, although still “does not count on many allies”. The women are an essential agent in the economy of a country because they are in charge of the well-taken care of maintenance and of the families, in addition to carrying out tasks in other sectors, as agriculture, the commerce, etc.


The Help to the development that contributes the countries to the needed regions more is fundamental for these. Nevertheless, the crisis also has affected to these games and the last numbers have not convinced to the NGO. We hope with optimism that in their government of Ollanta Humala focuses the subject of the poverty in our country well and manages to leave track in history. (I spout with inclusion)

In my opinion, one is due to increase to the work budget of great spreads, with micros and megas projects giving work to his settlers who need it and to impel the development policies, to guarantee the sustainable development, the equality of sort and the human rights.