AGAINST the CRISIS - the decalogue against the world-wide crisis


If one realises economic an historical calculation in the world and looks at the macroeconomic indicators, they show that the financial crisis is going away to prolong in the time. Of the shot PREMIUM OF RISK, the Bags in free fall, the ascents of interest rates, the reduction of the credit and the low levels of productivity of many companies that take to a destruction of the use and to the contraction of the market, take control more and more difficult TO ARRIVE IN ORDER MONTH. The panic situations are as dangerous as those of euphoria and the uncertainty generates downheart and uneasiness. Nevertheless, it agrees to maintain the calm and to become to the idea that the economic recovery sooner or later will arrive, although each must put of its part and modify certain habits.

In order to avoid to return to fall in the same errors that have triggered the present economic crisis, it is important to throw the view back and to review where the mistakes took place. The economic deceleration began almost four years ago and, in this time, many specialists have enumerated the failures that afflict to world-wide the financial system but, which would be the decalogue that there is to learn of this crisis to try to avoid it in the future?


The familiar economy must value the expenses that cannot confront and reduce them until the situation becomes stabilized and improves. For it, he is advisable to formulate a BUDGETARY PLAN with which to take to the familiar accounting and in which all the monthly expenses are included and to rely on him. To restrict the superfluous expenses until the crisis is surpassed is the only possibility valid to get out of the jam in which it can be victim. The games are due to analyze the consumption habits and to identify that can be reduced.

Much eye, to maintain an adjusted economy is necessary, at least, to save a 10% of the income every month. If the generated expenses are superiors to the income, it must look for another labor source with which to increase the economy or, well, to deprive themselves of some whims during a time. Nevertheless, one is not due to scrimp in the subjects related to the health and the academic or professional formation.


It is important to become a calendar and in time to pay the policies of the life insurances, disease, the house and the car to maintain them effective. To be “good payer” and to pay the debts in term, is essential to maintain clean the credit file. The good antecedents of the borrowers give access on credits with greater facility, and a smaller interest rate.


Many families in the world dedicate a third of their income to pay the mortgage, for that reason I advise not to get into debt itself beyond 20% of the pay at the time of buying a house. If the expenses surpass to the income, the family is incapable to save and is led the ruin. She advises herself to the homes with solution difficulties that renegotiate the credits and ask for an extension of the periods of amortization, in order that the quotas of the loans are llevaderas.

Initially, before undertaking in the purchase of a house, even though the financial organization has granted the loan, is advisable to value the risk of get into debt itself. It is necessary to have special caution since, any non-payment generates discharges delay commissions. The ascents of interest rates, can increase the future in the cost of the debt, and so it will be more difficult to arrive in order month. For this reason, it agrees to calculate if the credits can be confronted before asking for them. Also, the precautions when trying are due to carry far to obtain a personal loan since when there are economic problems, thinks about this option and not always it is the best exit, since the interests are very high.


The money as savings, is due to deposit in well-known banking institutions and to distrust of those who promise high performances in doubtful companies or strangers. We must compare the interests that offer the banks to deposit the savings, with the interests and commissions that receive in cards and credits.

EYE, is not advisable to have the savings of a whole life inverted in a same product, not even in a same financial organization. In order to reduce the risk, the most adapted it is to invest the saving in different classes from assets (values of the Treasure, deposits on credit, gold, etc.).


Any investor must know all the details the product that he tries to contract in the bank (terms, interest rate, life of the product, where he is going away to invest his money, etc.). Of all he is known that at the most high it is the yield of an investment, major is the risk also. All the financial products have a more or less high risk. (eye), If the investor does not know the product and its risks, is better than it does not contract it.

Against wind, it navigates of the fluctuations and falls of the Bags months, in the last most appropriate is than the investors hold their positions and they do not sell, to wait for the bounce. Almost all the stock-exchange values have lowered and today the action sale means to lose money. For this reason, if it is possible, the suitable thing is to hope to that they pass the turbulences.


One of the measures most efficient is to use the credit card of such form that every month can be covered the total or most than it is due (the necessary thing). If it is had credit cards, a good alternative is to let them at home to avoid the unnecessary expenses (to moor it with soguita or to loosen it little). For the daily expenses, he is better to use money in cash. The call “money of plastic” urges more the purchase than the money in cash (or it is not thus). If one has several cards, rightest it can be to give back some to the bank since they have a commission that is pleased to the organization at the end of the year.


In those times of labor uncertainty in the world, it is when there is to try to render more at work. All the uses are not assured by life and, for this reason, it is necessary to try to conserve the job. Reason for which, noone is irreplaceable, reason why it is necessary to try effectively to carry out all the assigned workings. Some facets that agree to take care of more to be valued in the job are the following:

FLEXIBILITY: Many companies are put under constant changes, reason why they ask his workers who adapt to new schedules and functions. If the worker demonstrates that he is forming continuously and who he does not have problems to change of schedule or habitual activity, he can become a key piece of the company.
INITIATIVE: The employee must solve the problems that arise, has initiative to look for solutions and is responsible for his functions, will be very well evaluated.
ASSETS: To have constant activity (SPIRIT), or realising the specific functions, helping some companion, or looking for tasks that can improve the yield of the company. The more implied one is in the project of the company, the less possibilities has to be dismissed.
WORK IN EQUIPMENT: It must listen the other members of a group, that communicates ideas and that it improves the labor climate always will be valued in his company, as much by his companions as by his superiors.


When it goes has to acquire a product or service is necessary to consider if it is needed what it is tried to buy and to compare several prices and qualities. The intelligent consumption is fundamental to avoid unnecessary wastefulness. Many of the consequences that now are pleased come from the errors that were committed in the past. It does not agree to let itself take by products fashionable, nor live over the possibilities.

For that reason at the time of buying or investing is fundamental to consider the familiar economy. Nevertheless, the moments of crisis can also be times of opportunities and gangues. , Sometimes most advantageous it is to buy when some hopelessly sell and to sell when others buy of euphoric way.


It is important to extinguish the electric appliances that they are not used with assiduity not to squander. For that reason, the use of the water is due to take care of, to use light bulbs of low consumption, to try to travel in public transport, to make a moderate use of the telephone and to maintain loss the temperature of the heating. In order month the change when receiving will notice the invoices (it smiles).


It is necessary to pay attention to the special discounts, reductions, supplies and promotions in commerces and restaurants, the gratuitous liquidations in stores and activities.

When there is to save, it is precise to diminish the exits and dinners abroad. These can be replaced by meetings in the home, cycles of cinema, games with friends or sports outdoors.

, First of all most crucial of all confrontation in the life, or by a crisis, or an emotion, shock, problems, etc, are: TO CHANGE THE FORM TO THINK.

For that reason I say: To leave of side the concepts and opinions of the past. This it is the moment for preparing itself to confront the new world-wide economic conjuncture and to foment the financial education. For it, it agrees to analyze the present panorama with a long term vision: the crisis is not going to always last. For such reason, the efforts that are made now will be compensated in the future.