HEALTH - Why the headache

Mobile phones
We know that the electromagnetic radiation of our mobiles can cause headaches and, although you do not make long conferences by telephone, can happen strong migraines and eye strain. Since the smartphones are used in more and more applications - from reviewing the e-mail to reading books or seeing TV their small screens force to ours seen a concerted effort.
The Dr. Mark Rosenfeld, investigator of the Faculty of Optometry of the University of the State of New York, explains that the graphs and the small types of the screen of a telephone can produce fatigue in the view and probably migraines and eye strain.

Lack of dream
To sleep less than the necessary thing can be cause of migraines.
A study was realised on 1200 people who in center underwent microphones of Migraines of Atlanta. Through him one knew that those that sleep six hours daily less or have more probability of undergoing forts migraines that who sleep more. “The lack of dream produces diminution of the serotonin of the brain, substance that plays an important roll in the cycle of dream of the organism, and its lack produces the pains”, Giles Elrington, neurologist of the Barts hospitals and The London, employees of the public service of health and member of the administration advice of London Migraine Clinic says.

High swearwords
Although some is no scientific evidence that demonstrates that to take high swearwords it can generate migraines, some women have observed who the effort to walk with them can contribute at the beginning of an attack. The Dra. Jane Andersen, member of the Medical Association of Podiatry of the EE.UU., says that “the muscular tension that generates the heels on our back can cause microphones, although do not exist studies that demonstrate it”.
It adds that to take swearwords of more than two inches it can affect the alignment of the body, pressing on the back and the forcebody of the plant of the feet, generating migraines.

Tail of horse
To become one colita with the hair can be a solution for those days with the horrible hair, but it avoids to fit it too much because you can shoot a strong microphone. Colita very tense, the use of brhelps or elastic hairbands can tense the connective weave of the hairy leather, causing pain.

Known as “migraine by effort”, the terrible headache subsequent to a session of exercises can be due to the same exercise.
Michael Gross, neurologist and clinical director of the Hospital Clementine Churchill de Middlesex, says that “any type of physical effort, from trotting to running in the tape, causes expansion of the blood vessels of the head, the neck and the hairy leather, increasing the arterial tension.
“If to make exercise of high impact he produces this type to you of migraines tries another type of less energetic activity, as swimming or yoga.

All we know the common interposed excuse not to have sex: a headache, but you knew that an orgasm can produce migraine? Although quite rare, this type of well-known migraine as coital migraine, takes place when an acute pain in the head at the time of the orgasm happens.
Studies of the Clinic of Neurology of Riiskov, Denmark, found that these migraines affect more to men than to women. Ironically “, they are more common between those than they have sex with an occasional companion” it says the neurologist Michael Gross and it adds that “probably one is due to that the excitation is greater”.

The foods are to emphasize perhaps as triggers of a microphone and surprise knowledge to you that ham is one of them. Ham contains tiramina, an amine that is in many meals, produced by the natural decomposition of an amino acid, the tyrosine. The tiramina can bring about expansion of the blood vessels and increase the flow of blood to the brain, generating migraines. Between rich foods in tiraminas they are those aged, fermented, salty, smoked droughts, or in vinegar. If you detect a microphone after to have eaten cheese or some processed food, it would be good that you retire it of your diet to control your migraines.

A trip to the hairdressing salon
Although it gives to please, to go to the hairdressing salon can produce a migraine to you. When washing to you the hair with the head supported backwards on the lavatory, your neck assumes an uncomfortable position that stimulates one of the nerves that activate the cervical trigémino nucleus, producing an ugly headache that can last few days.

The strong scents, as those of a perfume, activate the nerve cells of the sense of smell who as well stimulate the associate nervous system that to those with an acute sense of the sense of smell microphones cause to them. “Ironically, the disagreeable scents usually are pleasant”, says Vincent Martin, Md, a specialist in microphones of the Medicine Faculty of the University of Cincinnati.

To cough
1% of the microphones are almost produced by the cough, being the most inclined men to undergo the call “migraine by cough”. This type of migraine is caused by the increase of pressure in the brain and can go off not only to cough but also by blowing one's nose the nose or as soon as to sneeze.