The Success - Steps to create your own company

First of all, before investing money or spending to time and efforts to a company, it is necessary to consider if the project that is tried to put into operation has possibilities in the market and if it adapts to the knowledge and abilities of the entrepreneur.

To have the things very clear from the beginning and to reflect on the viability of the initiative. For it, it is essential to elaborate a company plan.

It is a document in which one becomes a description of the project and its characteristics. Sandal from the definition of the idea that is going away to develop, to the concrete form to take it to end. In addition to helping the entrepreneur to clarify his ideas, it turns out very useful to present the project to the possible partners or a bank. These are the main aspects that must include the company plan:

• They must specify the characteristics of the product or service that is going to offer the company and to study the brand or the patent, in case there is some novel element. The request and registry of the commercial name public of Patents and Brands transacts itself before the registry office.
• (Their curriculum) must indicate the personal data of the entrepreneur and what people are going to compose the human equipment, its formation, the experience whom they have and its functions in the future company.
• To include the main new features or differences of this project with respect to the present supply available in the market.
• In relation to you suppliers, it is necessary to identify them, to know his supplies, as well as to know of how many it is going to depend the activity on the company.
• They must make specific the location of the business, its location and the rent or buys of the premises, if so. It is important to obtain the suitable location for each type of business and of knowing the habits purchase of the clients.

It comes to make the study that accompanies to the company plan and that concentrates in analyzing the economic aspect of the enterprise project. In him the forecasts of expenses or investments at the beginning the activity are included, the economic resources of which it get ready to do against these investments, the sources of financing available and an estimation of losses and gains of the three first years, to analyze if the business is profitable.

To indicate the policies of marketing and distribution of the product or service, its price and to establish the forecasts of sales:

• They must make specific the more important financial aspects of the project: initial investment, sources of financing available, forecast of results to three years seen, etc.
• Market to that recommends to study it goes directed to the product or service, who will be the possible clients, to analyze to the competition (where it is and what it offers) and to study the situation of the sector.
• The initial investments that there are to undertake, as works in the premises are due to enter, buys or rent of furniture, computer science machinery, equipment, existence…
• To analyze who can fund these investments as: Banking financing, own subsidys or resources.
• To specify the personnel who is going away to use in the company.
• They must include the monthly expenses of the enterprise project.

He is recommendable to consider what responsibility is desired to assume in the new company. According to the legal form that is chosen, the responsibility will be limitless or it is possible to only be responsible for contributed capital (S.A. SRLda.; etc.). In addition, one is due to know which is the taxation of each legal form, since some pay by Taxes several. (independent, civil societies and communities of goods) and others do it through Tax of Societies (limited companies, anonymous, labor and cooperative).

The simpler legal form is to become individual businessman. If the company, in principle, is going to be small, the entrepreneur can be saved many proceedings and managements at the beginning of the activity, since it does not have to acquire a legal personality, will do it as natural person. Its constitution is faster than the one of a mercantile society. Nevertheless, one of its main disadvantages is that, in case the business does not go well, he is the businessman that must respond with its personal patrimony present and future to the debts that has the company, and even, with the patrimony of his partners if it had it agreed.

In day, the legal forms of company that can be transacted through Internet are: the Limited company, Limited liability company (SL or SRL) of New Company and individual businessman.

For more information, the entrepreneur can send to the SUNAT to information or the office of Policy of the Small and medium business, employee of the Ministry to the heading that goes to undertake its business. (tourism, mining, agriculture, etc.)

(The points of advising and Home of Procedure) they are dependent offices of the Public Administrations and public and private organizations that advise in the creation of the company, since they serve actual of information in the procedure Telematics of the projects, as well as during the first years of activity of the Limited liability company. In addition, they help to initiate the administrative proceeding of constitution of the society through SUN sunat.

To lay down the economic viability of the company, is recommendable that the entrepreneur funds with own contributions or bottoms around 40% of the investment. 60% rest can be obtained through several routes:

• The cost of the banking financing supposes a cost for the company, that reflected of direct way in its account of results. For this reason, one is due to determine what instrument financial is going away to choose to fund the business, so that it is the most advisable product for each project. The banking financing supposes the obtaining of endorsement on the loan that is asked for.

• Help and subsidys depend, to a great extent, of the legal form that adopts the company, of the concrete locality in which it is located, of the activity sector, of if it is a project of self-employment and the labor situation of the entrepreneur prior to the beginning of the activity:

or Subsidy for the promotion of the independent use: indicated for people without work, who are going to develop an activity independently.
or Subsidy for the promotion of the use and the improvement of the competitiveness in the labor cooperatives and societies.
or enterprise Projects (Initiative Use): To create job in the local surroundings by means of the concession of help and subsidy. The enterprise projects or the companies just set up can be described as USE INITIATIVE without to have initiated their activity, that are innovating, generating of use and use underused local resources.

Main proceedings of beginning of a company that can be realised:

• To ask for to Civil defense the ocular inspection of the premises, to count on a plane of the premises, the obligatory requirements (well of earth, extinguisher, suitable space, exits of emergency, medicines, etc.) and this one will give a positive certificate.
• According to the turn of the business, one transacts other ministries, example for the unified Registry of a hotel would be in the ministry of Tourism obtaining this authorization, or goes to sell arms would be prefecture and Department of the Interior, etc.
• To transact the license of operation in the respective municipality, accompanying the payments and documents that are requisite., the registry and the procedure of the municipal licenses of activities, city-planning facilities and the license of opening of the premises or the request of change of ownership. In addition, in the municipality also it is realised the managements for the license of luminous publicity, panels, signboards, etc. in the respective premises.) of not doing it would be in risk of an inspection or denounces of the same and a municipal fine will fall to him.
• To remove the RUC or RUS, etc. in the SUNAT, where they provided his number and its key SUN to him.
• To make in the press: The Tickets of Sale, Invoices, etc.
• Once it counts the indicated above thing yet already can initiate his commercial business of legal way, otherwise its business would be in the unreliable person.
• With the Chambers of Commerce the advising adapted, on the legal form of the company can be obtained that agrees more, the administrative proceedings, the obligations against the administrations and information on public subsidys and help.
• It would be recommended to write up the writing of constitution of the company and to register it in the Registry.
• It agrees not to forget the compulsory insurances. The third-party insurance responds of the civil damages that can bring about the company in the development of their commercial or professional activity. In some cases it is not obligatory, but he is one of the insurances that are more recommended to contract. The insurance to the workers is a personal insurance to the group that pays attention to the different collective agreements. He is habitual that these policies cover an indemnification by accident, permanent incapacity, and even, death, following the cases that to meritan this attention.