The Success - 10 Keys of success of Brian Tracy

Keys of Success #1 – Beam which you like to do.
You will never be successful if you do not enjoy what beams. Thus you will see your tasks as of having and not as a vehicle to reach your goals. You will be of bad mood, you will not feel loyalty towards your product, company or another person and therefore, you will not feel it jeopardize and the failure could be close. The people who surround you including your clients will notice it and as you emanate negative energy you will attract things, similar situations, ideas and you will enter a negative cycle of which every time it becomes more difficult to leave.
If you do not like the sales, if you do not like to deal with people and if you do not like your product, changes of activity because thus never you will be successful. But, if in spite of your misfortune you are convinced that you need to improve in that area, you can change your thoughts and your attitude and little by little your taste changes; and your results will reflect it.

It remembers, your tastes are not more than your form to perceive and to react before which it happens, and are 100% under your control. Everything what dislikes to you to do it you can revert changing to your thoughts and your attitude.

Keys of Success #2 – It decides exactly what you want.
The indecision is what more dreams and hopes have killed. To be undecided and vague when defining the course of your life will take you to a perpetual state of mediocrity where never you will approach to discover your true potential.

3% of the adults only have written goals, 97% rest works for them.

Those that has goals are the respected people better phelp and more in their area. They are mobilising and the activators, the creators and innovators and the best salesmen and businessmen.

He decides exactly what you want for your life, your race or any other area. She Writes as a goal, determines the price soon that you will have to pay to obtain it and do it!

Keys of Success #3 – your goal with persistence and determination Endorses.
If the success were a kitchen prescription, the persistence and determination would be the main ingredients. To achieve the success is not any secret – you do makes successful people repeatedly and also you will be it, that easy. Successful people do not exist who have not demonstrated to these two qualities at a level very superior and during long time.

Any goal can be obtained only with being persistent and determining in your thoughts and your actions. The other techniques that you will know in this site not compare with the overwhelming force of the persistence and determination directed towards the profit of your goals.

Keys of Success #4 – all your life Jeopardizes to you with being an apprentice.
Your mind is your assets but appraised and the quality of your thoughts they determine the quality of your life. Therefore, if through study of subjects related to the personal overcoming and human development you can improve the quality of information that you enter to your mind, your results therefore must be better.

Books, courses, factories, conferences, exhibitions, training groups, courses in line and many other options of study for almost each subject or profession exist. The lack of opportunities to no longer continue studying is a valid excuse, whereas clause that exists an enormous amount of gratuitous information in the network.

It enters more you know, more bonds; and it enters more bonds, will more pay you by your services. The education is the way and more surely direct to the success. Many adults instill this idea in their children, but they are few that preach with the example. They trust his university basic education or and think that the “life” taught the rest to them. Although the experience is one of the best teachers, must be complemented with a solid academic formation of the subject at issue.

Memory to a professor of the university that shelp something to us that always I have remembered, “when we are in the school we are students, but when we left, we became students”. Outside, in the “real world” we realize than really we know and what no; and it is then when we understand the importance of following itself preparing to carry out our tasks or profession. We are studious for the rest of our life and the quality of the same will be infinitely better.

Keys of Success #5 – your time Uses well.
Your time is most valuable that you have and in agreement you administer it and you use better, more productive you will be. Therefore you will become a more valuable person for the market. To carry out some simple tasks every day focused to improve the administration of your time can help you to be up to more productive 25% or to win up to 2 hours to the day to more use them in which you wish.
It establishes priorities, it plans your day previously, you do a list and it always thinks on paper and you will take advantage of to the maximum the 24 hours that all we have. The form in which you use your time to fulfill your labor obligations, your personal and familiar relations and to have sufficient time for the recreation and relaxation will determine the success degree that you will have in these areas.

Keys of Success #6 – It follows the leaders.
Zig Ziglar emphasizes this principle with as much eloquence when saying, “you cannot fly with the eagles if you continue scratching the floor along with the hens”. It identifies who are the successful people in your area or profession and decides that your also you will be one of them and uses them as an example for you. It investigates what they made to arrive at where they are and you do all the possible one to also do it. If it is possible, it looks for to have contact with them and it establishes some type of relation.

Successful people I arrive there by something, you also do just like they did and you will arrive. If you surround yourself by successful people you will begin to think as them, to adopt its same attitudes, to see you as one of them and little by little have the same results.

Keys of Success #7 – the character is it everything.
It preserves your integrity as something sacred, nothing is more important that. In order to be successful in the sales, in your race or any area you must have credibility and you only can be successful if people trust and believe in you.

You must be honest and authentic with same you. You must live in the truth and refuse to participate to you in deceits. You must perfectly be honest. It is fundamental to be able to face the world and to see the life as it is and not as you wish outside that or could be. Beam something as long as it approaches you your goals that you phelp attention.

Keys of Success #8 – the USA your innate creativity.
Unfortunately as adults, many there are lost our innate ability to imagine and to be creative. We learn to conform us to the rules of the society and to live within those parameters. That guarantees a stable and safe life to us, but simultaneously it kills our great capacity to create and to imagine that all we have, or rather, we had. Therefore he is ironic that exists so many books that teach to us to be creative when by nature we are it.

Our capacity to create and to imagine does not have limits and is only through our imagination that we can design the life that we wished. Everything initiates in the mind, and of it happens there to the reality. Everything began being a creative dream; the telephone, the computers, the automobile, the mixers, the screws etc.

The first step to obtain what you wish is first to imagine it. The steps that you will have to take to make it reality will be to you presenting as advances in your tasks to make it reality. To live without creativity and imagination is as living without options in a world where it does not exist but that a single possibility. &nsp; That boring! You do not allow that your life is thus. Your creativity rediscovers and your life will shine with million colors.

Keys of Success #9 – Practical the “Gold Rule”.
The Gold Rule practices in all interactions with the others, “beam to the others what you would like that they did to you”. You either do not forget to practice the universal principle of the Danish philosopher, Emmanuel Kant, “Leads your life as if each act yours it go to become a universal law for all the people”. She imagines that all the people in your world went to behave and to try to the others as your it beams. You agree?

Keys of Success #10 – Payment the price of the success.
Perhaps the most important point is to solve work hard. This is the key to prevail in which it is. It solves to begin a little more early, to work a little more duro and to later be left you a little during more time than the others maintaining an emergency sense and always a tendency to the action – and the success will arrive to you. Guaranteed.