BUSINESSES - What business I can put, here 60 ideas

1. A Floreria
It is a business that can be put from house, has possibilities of working by Internet, requires little investment and can be a work of half time.

2. Sale of branches of girlfriends
It is a business that can be put from house, has possibilities of working by Internet, it does not require investment if an advance payment is asked for and can be a work of half time.

3. Maquillista for special weddings and events
It is a business that can be put from house or in the address of your client, has possibilities of announcing to you by Internet but the make-up must be in person, requires little investment (the investment of the make-up) unless the client puts his make-up and can be a work of half time.

4. To teach something.
This can be turned into other 101 ideas but you can give classes from your house of everything what it is happened to you.

5. To rent a room of your house
More than a business it is a form to make an extra money without having to do nothing in return or to work.

6. To rent the garden of your house for events

7. To put some infantile games in your garden and to receive because the children enter to play.
This business does not require initial investment. If you have a place where the children can play you can take advantage of and acquire a little money to allow other children who play there. Many mothers will be prepared to pay since in many cities there are no places where the children can run or play.

8. To take care of children
It is another idea of work or business that you can begin without money, much people needs reliable people who help them to take care of their children while they work or to make other activities.

9. To gather children of the school and to take them to its houses
Another idea of business that does not require investment. A car is needed if you want it to do this way but not necessarily. If the parents are prepared to pay by the public transport, your function would only be to offer the supervision responsible for an adult to assure that the children arrive at their address.

10. To gather children of the school and to help them to make the task and of taking care of them until their papas leave to work.
Every time there are more papas than they work complete time and they need help of which he helps them to take care of his children in the time which they finish the school until the parents arrive at house. It is another business that does not need investment, only your time.

11. To sell pies
To start a business of pies requires pocod money, gives click to the post to read the propose ideas. You can work from house doing what you like.

13. To start a business of fantasy jewelry shop
The fashion, the accessories and the beauty are something that the women always look for. A business of fantasy jewelry shop requires little investment.

14. To distribute steering wheels
It is a business that does not only require investment assures you to give a competitive price and guarantees your clients to him who you will give the amount of steering wheels that you have in your hands and you will never need work. If your business grows you can contract more people to give service to a larger number of clients.

15. To create your own magazine
If you manage to obtain advertisers are not going to you to cost money to take the company since the costs will be absorbed by your sponsors.

16. To make webpages
Another business in which it is received by your knowledge and does not require investment.

17. Cleaning of houses
It is a business in which your clients pay to you to do well what they do not want to do. Once you manage to occur to know you will be able to begin to engage people who work for you and you handle the business.

18. Photography
If your dream is to turn to you into professional photographer not you leave it more in an idea. It takes hold your camera and it begins to receive reason why you like to do. There are very many people who want to pay money to which she knows to take good photos.

19. Motivational seminaries
More and more people worry about her personal growth, the industry of the motivational seminaries grows and grows every day. I could be dared to say that in Mexico and Latin America still there is more demand than supply. You take advantage of this necessity and make money as lecturer or being you the one that you organize the seminaries.

20. Coach of companies or people
The Coaching seems to be the one of today. The companies pay great sums of money to companies of Coaching so that they tell them what must improve in their company to make the things better. Also the Life Coaching or training of life appears as a good opportunity of business. It studies for Life Coach or it begins your business advising companies in which they must improve.

21. Purchase and product sale of second hand
It sells used things that no longer you want or almost buys by anything things that others no longer want so that them bandage you. Although you do not create it is very many more people of the one than you imagine that it needs things that others have and it does not want to spend in paying the things as new. After all there are so many things that others have not even occupy. They are going them to you to sell very cheap because for them already they are almost trash. In addition now that the vintage thing is fashionable you can make much money with the viejeras of others.
22. To start a business in e-bay – free trade
You can sell things in other countries without having to put a store of imports. It only announces what you have in

23. To put a store in Internet
There are million stores by Internet that make much money being useful to the compulsive buyers by Internet, the people who cannot leave their house to make a purchase, to the people who need certain products that are only sold in the network.

24. To rent inflatable for infantile celebrations
A inflatable one is not a great investment and every time they are fashionable for infantile celebrations and of great also in which they need a inflatable one to entertain to the children.

25. Preparation of menus of diet for employees of corporative
The corporative employees end up hating the food whom they must pay daily, learn the menus of all the around fast foods of his, the food of the econónica kitchen of the corner becomes boring and the restaurants are a cost very hard. It takes advantage of and it prepares rich, nutritious and variable menus that is going to guarantee clients every day to you.

26. To create unites recruitment company
Desire money helping to other people to find work and to the companies him to avoid the headache to them to look for them. It is a business that can be very profitable.

27. Matchmaker
If you are good to perhaps find them even to your friendly you can begin to make of this a business and of receiving by your services to find the ideal pair to people who do not have time or they do not dare to look for it.

28. Organization of events

29. Elaboration of Memories of weddings, baptisms and first communions
You do not imagine how much money can leave this business you in which the girlfriends and the mothers of the celebrated ones get ready to spend as necessary with so impressing their guests and fulfilling their whims.

30. Taken care of mascots
The mascots are for many people as their children and better for others are even everything what they have in the life and in qu they are arranged to spend all their money. It is useful and I know you who makes that money creating a business that makes happy to mascots and their owners.

31. Rent of products that are needed in the houses
How many times you have not needed something in your house that you do not have and you do not want to buy but you would be happy for paying to rent it by some hours. You can begin renting what already you have at home.

32. Purchase and product sale of second hand
There is a great demand by things of second hand that you can be useful. From clothes and toys of baby to books, magazines and discs.

33. Purchase and sale of cars
The purchase and sale of cars continue being an old business but that continues giving to make much money since to people it gives fear him to sell his cars by his account at this time of insecurity and they do not have left another option more than to take them to the agency of cars in which they give very little money them by his used car.

34. Distribution at home
There are many companies that want to distribute their products at home but it does not have to invest in a dedicated person to do it. You can work for several companies in a specific area and between which them cobras to all to gain a very good dinerito.

35. Agency of offices
Ten a staff of carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians who are of all your confidence and promotes your agency. Some of these professionals are not very reliable in case single and the people are prepared to pay more if they have to whom she endorses them.

36. Agency of publicity for small businesses
The small companies also need marketing research but they do not have budget for a great agency. Perhaps for you it is sufficient to acquire more moderate quotas and to make much money of your many clients who you can have since 95% of the companies are almost SMEs.

37. Advertising material and business cards
Practically all business needs business cards and you can be the one who sell them. Much investment is not needed and until you can subcontract that manufactures them to you and to be you who sell them.

38. Massage
The massages every time are fashionable and you can start a business of which she leaves money you without having to invest much. You can give at home or in your house.

39. Aromatherapy
The natural aromatherapy and therapies are fashionable. You can take advantage of and make sufficient money there to live on it. You can start this business as business of half time without leaving your work until he is sufficiently great and then you put your own clinic.

40. Reflexology
Another idea of business more related to the holistic therapies. You can put the premises in a shopping mall or do it from house and make money without investing much money.

41. Reiki
Although you do not create it is much people who make good money doing Reiki therapy or you can teach to others to do it.

42. Far-sighted
If you like that of the esoteric thing you can make money seeing the future of the others and acquire money.

43. To create a business in Internet
Businesses in Internet it has very many. You can begin with a simple blog, a store online, a community in Internet, sell info-products. Very many ideas of businesses that you can learn here more on the subject.

44. Wedding Planner
The girlfriends always are going to leave money because they always want that their event is the best one of their life and although they do not have silver get into debt themselves but they pay because somebody organizes its marriage to them. She manages to do to you of a good reputation and are never going you to need to work gliding weddings.

45. Tele-marketing
The tele-marketing businesses continue being good business. Or that bandage your services to other companies and you make the telemercadeo from your house or that you subcontract.

46. Sales by catalogue
The sales by catalogue continue being a good business in which you practically do not have to invest nothing. If you have a friendly circle to which you can show catálgo to them and always obtain some orders bases to have that extra entrance.

47. Products of beauty
My directory of Beauty demonstrates to me how he is that the women we cannot live without beauty products and there are them of all type from shampoos and creams until treatments more expensive than promise wonders.

48. To take to your locality products difficult for the community.
You do not have to discover the black thread, to only take to where you live something that is saleable and that the people of that way do not have another option more than to buy it here to you. Where it lived in Mexico there was no a bakery near my house and was one lady who deployed her bread point in the mornings and by all means she went to him very well.

49. Entertainment for infantile celebrations
It is a good business in which never are going you to need clients because the papas always pay because their children are happy in their birthdays and do not have to invest much money.

50. Entertainment for single woman goodbyes of and unmarried
If you manage to create a novel concept surely you are going to have many celebrations that leave good income you and is a business that can be of weekend or in your free time.

51. Preparation and gives of “foods” for mothers who work
You do not imagine how many clients you will be able to have of mothers who do not have time to cook but that they would be very happy in paying somebody more because she cooks for them and its family. For you it is a good idea if in any case you already prepare food for your house. The best thing is than once you become of certain fame they will begin to you to fall clients and clients of such form that you must subcontract perhaps to other people so that they help you to cook.

52. Organization of events for people of the third age
Money exists many people of the third age by far to spend but they do not have in what. Order you to organize everything so that those “old people” go to your events and in addition to making money you will help the community much.

53. Agency of positioning of people who take care of people of the third age
Many families with old at home suffer because they do not have who takes care of to them to its old people. There are many people who would be very happy in doing that work but she happens that when you need them you do not know where they are. Specialize to you in putting an agency in which you have many employees interested in doing that work and you receive the families to them who want to use to one of the registered ones in your agency.

54. Courses of preparation for the childbirth and the birth of a new baby
By far taste I have observed that more and more pregnant mothers are interested in having a natural childbirth. The truth is that although there are many are wanted to dare is something that to any woman gives fear him by the pain and the stranger. Here in Australia there are many courses for preparation of the childbirth, even exist doulas that are women who sell their services to accompany to you during the childbirth.

55. Courses of massage for babies
When a baby is born everything is new and the mothers are prepared to spend in everything what offers benefits for its babies. Standard to mothers to massage to its babies, announces to you in hospitals and little to you prune would not need clients. The best thing is than you do not have to invest because you can do it in his houses or yours.

56. Nutritional product manufacture that you know that they are necessary for a market niche
Organic, Naturist, Dietetic, Without Gluten, Soy. More and more specific needs arise from certain markets that there are to satisfy. It makes those products that your niche needs and never are going you to need clients. It can be from preparing food diabetic or to create your own brand of organic cheeses.

57. Guide of tourist for executives
There are many foreign executives who visit your country and need a particular guide who takes them and brings. Somebody reliable one that can show the city to them and teach the life to them of a person who lives there. Companies exist that specialize in offering services to foreign executives, you can be contacted with them and be offered your services to them.

58. Agency of domestic positioning for executives
The domestic employees always are in demand but with the criminality and situations of violence that happen every time in the countries she gives more fear to use to somebody so that she is in our house, knows our life and we do not know anything of them. You can offer that degree of confidence that the executives need and whom they have to pay. He looks for a group of reliable people who are prepared to give their services of domestic cleaning and assure that they do not represent risk for your clients. You can make money of the positioning of the personnel.

59. Service of virtual office
The virtual office also is a good business. It offers a direction from an office to which people can call her address of company for presentation questions and acquire money for that reason.

60. Service of assistant or secretary at a distance
Many more people of those than you imagine would be arranged to pay to a virtual assistant. Somebody that helps you in your business and receives to you by specific tasks without you must pay a complete pay.