It stops being frustrated and it invests in his attitude

You are looked for to improve your results? , you look for to undertake and doesn't something work? , you want an ascent and it doesn't arrive? , no matter how hard you try you can't generate something better?

Many of us we continued looking for the answer this type of challenges, but usually it is of the mistaken form. We continue looking for fantastic information and tips about how to obtain the things, as if the only thing that we needed was you formulate them magicians to obtain what we want. Then, if you are one of them, it is going to you to interest what I comment to you.

Daniel Goleman, American psychologist, in its book the practice of emotional intelligence speaks to us about which are really the decisive factors so that somebody is successful. Very on the contrary to which much people think, they are not the technical abilities those who take us to the success, but are the “portable abilities” or “emotional intelligence” the one that assures it to us. Within these abilities, most important they are those than they are related to the self-regulation: I talk about to the social responsibility, influence and abilities. All of them are what, at some time, we have denominated as character or attitudes and now Goleman renombra as emotional quotient.

In fact, which happens is that the information or technical knowledge that you only have on a matter or specialty represents 15% than it ensures the success to you, whereas the emotional quotient conforms 85%. , Investigations still more realised demonstrate that the intellectual coefficient only predicts between the 4 and 10% of the success of the people. You can have much content but your attitude stinks out, but you know to work in equipment, and if you leave it rage seizes of you each third day; then it is not going to serve everything don't mention it to you what you can have learned.

For that reason, you can see many cases of people who went to the same school, had the same preparation, went to the same factory; nevertheless, they do not have the same results: one is successful and the other no.  The difference is in the attitude!

If you are not reaching your goals or the success that you want, look to you and fix to you how it is your emotional quotient. There are many forms to begin to work in him, but first it is to be arranged to learn and to make different things. Then, if you have taken brings back to consciousness of it, this it is the moment for doing it: ponte in march, decides and invests to you in your attitude.