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We inform into our values which positions to us as a good real estate option of the market in Integral Consultant's office, Publicity and Marketing in Real estate Projects.

PRODISERV in this line of business offers Security, Commitment, Ethics and Quality in our services.

• To advise integrally in real estate projects.
• To offer a high added value to our clients, turning them into Believers.
• To develop, to implement technologically and to innovate in techniques of pick up of prospectuses.

To position to us as the most successful platform of businesses that connects the real estate projects with national and foreign investors, real estate agents and buying.

Real estate consultant's office, for operations of:
Compra and Venta de Inmuebles - Rent of Buildings, Remodeling and Inner Design - Commercial Appraisals - Search of locations for residential, corporative, commercial and industrial projects - Consultant's office in obtaining of Hypothecating Credits.

We offer services of:
- Internet is a subject that serves to extend the publicity and for that reason this means take advantage to design and to implement its Real estate Interactiva webpage, remembering main factors as: Location of the project, Price, Finished, Flat and Photos. Its webpage will fulfill with the aim of being enlarging of the information.

- Advertising means management of Warnings of Publicity as the Commerce, Portals, Magazines.

- Design and Impression of Brochure with the aim of the recollection in the people who to receive this publicity.

- Design and Management of Panels.

- Design and Accomplishment of Videos in 3D with the aim of waking up desire in people.

We count on a robust portfolio of services and for that reason in this opportunity you can unload part of our proposal doing click in the following connection: Consultant's office, Publicity and Marketing for its Real estate Project

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