Rent of hosting - LIMITLESS PLAN
Price: US$ 350,00 (it does not include IGV, Contract by 1 year)

- Space of storage: 976.56 GB
- Monthly transference: Limitless
- Servant located in the USA
- Free servant of faults.
- Immediate installation.
- Backup copies of security of the information.
- Servant of own mail smtp
- Redireccionamientos and autoresponders
- Account FTP - Data base MySQL and Soporte PHP

*MySQL is the data base of more popular open code of the world. Many forums and other programs driven by data bases require that MySQL works.
We use version 5+ or 5.5.51-38.2 at this moment.

** PHP is a language of sequences HTML inlhelp in the side of the servant. All the accounts come with support for 5.4.45

The complementary services of the service are the following:
- Control Panel by Web
- Complete statistics on movement of its account.
- It will be able to create accounts of mail in function to his space of storage and will be administered via webmail Outlook/.

Also, 2 characteristics of limitation for the type of hosting limitless plan exist and is:
- A maximum of 25 simultaneous requests only offers.
- A maximum of 60 seconds by process only offers.


How much will space in disc and bandwidth include my plan?

The disc space that is assigned to him approximately is of 976.56 GB and the bandwidth is “Without measuring”, which means that disc amount of space in is not loaded in agreement with the bandwidth or that uses.

Nevertheless, shelp this, we required that all the clients totally fulfill our Terms on watch and that they only use space in disc and bandwidth in on-speed operation of a website.

For example, the clients who use a 25% or more of the resources of the system for more than 90 seconds would infringe our Terms on watch.

What happens if I exceed the use?

If we have restlessness about the bandwidth of its account or the use of the disc space, he will receive an e-mail message asking to him that he reduces the use.

Once again, it is very rare that a client who is administering a normal website exceeds our policies use.


We are the best and more reliable alternative for companies:

• With Plans of Hosting or Lodging of websites, flexible and escalables, and with the best relation quality-cost in the market, so that you and/or your business grow according to your needs.
• Solutions in Lodging of webpages in Linux and Windows.
• Control Panels fast and easy to form, for the use of e-mail, accounts of FTP, subdomains, maintenance of domains, etc.
• All our plans come with multiple tools, as statistical of visits, Control Panel, e-mail, counts FTP, data bases, multimedia and much more.


EXPERIENCE. - than 1000 clients more satisfied

TRUSTWORTHINESS. - 99,99% of guaranteed operativity

SECURITY. - Daily systems of backups

SUPPORT. - Customized attention 24/7/365s

SOLUTIONS. - Ready systems to install

* the service of Hosting is of annual renovation.
* If you have other requirements, if it needs more disc capacity or perhaps it needs more monthly transference, or to have an e-mail with the name of its company or business, contact yourself with us to the 998-920-047 or enter our page of contact, we we will elaborate a plan to its measurement.