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Aligning to us with our commitment of enterprise contribution in Peru, we put at the disposal of all the entrepreneurs, medium and small businessmen this consulting service of low cost, by means of which a series of structures, strategies can be harnessed, plans, objectives and processes in the commercial field.

With a minimum investment you. it will be able to receive the technical opinion and recommendations of commercial experts who count on ample experience in their field, which helped him to clarify his alternatives of decision, reducing the risk of error and its consequences of lost of money and time in his enterprise growth.

One second opinion always will be valuable before a structural decision in its company, better to if this is highly objective and technical without interests nor fears of by means that can slant the recommendations of the experts, as usually it happens when these arrive from personal intern.

This type of consultancy allows two modalities of attention:

Consultancy SME per hours
This service offers in our offices, after removing appointment for its attention would offer sessions of 60 minutes, in which after each session you. it will be able to take the recommendations within the conversation, as well as a printed summary that memory will serve to him as help as the meeting.

Consultancy SME by packages
It allows the hiring of packages of hours to treat few subjects to a greater depth or a trasversal strategic lineament for his commercial law actions, of this form you. contract a package of hours that can vary in cost if the service is realised in our offices or of way In House.

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