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In the world of the today businesses, simply time or resources in speculative decisions cannot be lost.

Often, many executives who make uncertain decisions are respect if an investment initiative is feasible or appropriate for its business.

A new initiative of investment would have to be implemented not only being based on the current trends or in which it is making the competition, but also that it must consider if it efficiently increases the economic value of the company.

In order to make a decision informed with respect to the best technical and financial option from an initiative of investment for a certain company, it is necessary to develop to a formulation and evaluation of project that of simple and clear way sets out the reasons to implement or not it propose initiative.

The development of a project evaluation must have the greater level of credibility, exactitude and practical value for the executives who make the decisions. In order to achieve this objective one is due to know clearly that not only the numbers make an evaluation of project. The form as it is designed, develops and the project evaluation appears is as important as its numbers.

Errors in the calculation and projection of the demand that will face the project, errors of appreciation of their surroundings, legal errors, of technical aspects, size, location, funding, organization, moment of beginning, term or others, only take to that the investment initiative does not manage to provide the maximum value that it is able to generate to the company.

PRODISERV, through their services of evaluation of projects, looks for to help their clients to make decisions informed with respect to the investment initiatives of their companies.

Since all decision making implies a risk level, to count on the antecedents precise and to know concientiously all the variables that enter game in an investment initiative is fundamental to diminish the probability of being mistaken.

Once the project is in march, multiple changes of diverse nature can occur. A done evaluation of good project will quickly help to need the direct hits and indirect caused by these changes.

The evaluation of projects includes aspects of market, technicians, organizational, legal and financial. The depth with which each of these aspects is analyzed will depend in particular on each initiative of investment.

Without a doubt, the PRODISERV clients will have advantage at the time of making decisions. One completes evaluation of projects with a high level of credibility, exactitude and practical value will help to select them the most advisable option for its companies.

Services of Evaluation of Projects

• Processes of Evaluation of Projects
• Analysis Total Cost of Property (TCO)
• Analysis Cost v/s Beneficio
• Analysis Return On Inversión (ROI)
• Financial evaluation
• Estimation of Software
• Licitation and Evaluation of Supplies

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