We develop deferential actions of direct Marketing and interactive Marketing. We design and we armed pieces of direct marketing, Interactive Marketing and of email marketing (emarketing), we armed data bases to orders, and developed to the design and the operating one of the shipment of the graphical and digital pieces. Marketing One by one: Action of direct marketing with clients and potentials clients. Analysis of the profile of the potential client and their necessity, and directed actions of marketing. Design, Implementation and Development of strategies of contact with the potential clients.

And-Marketing: Action by means of call centers through e-mail and tools of contact with future clients or present clients. We realise all the design of the action, and the pursuit.

Customer Acquisition - Cross selling - Up selling: Service that specialize in the capitation of new clients by means of diverse specialized techniques, and sale of new products to present clients of the company that realises the campaign. Promotional services for the Increase of invoicing of present clients.