Planning of campaigns of integral communication, beginning and pursuit, elaboration and presentation of projects. Corporative identity, alignment of the communication with the strategic objectives. Definition of communication strategies to size. Coordination of Meetings and work parties. Coaching.

Institutional communication

Design of plans of communication and strategies of communication to size. Elaboration of contents for presentation folders and corporative contents for websites. Organization of social events. Preparation of corporative presentations. Preparation of conferences, chats, presentations and meetings with clients

Strategic communication

The objective of this type of projects is to manage the communication of a project, a company assuring that all the potential takes advantage the information and that this one is managed effectively, handling that is distributed, as, when and to whom, avoiding the transmission of erroneous messages. We assure that the messages and the corporative image are aligned to their strategic frame and that it is passed on effectively.


Corporative analyses of websites. Consultancy of contents Web. Design of intranets. Creation of websites. Design Web. Maintenance, update and redesign of pages and sites of Internet.