Rent of hosting - CORPORATIVE PLAN
Price: US$ 80,00 (it does not include IGV, Contract by 1 year)

- Space of storage: 2 Gigas
- Monthly transference: 4 Gigas
- Servant located in the USA
- Free servant of faults.
- Immediate installation.
- Backup copies of security of the information.
- Servant of own mail smtp
- Redireccionamientos and autoresponders
- Account FTP - Data base MySQL and Soporte PHP

The complementary services of the service are the following:
- Control Panel by Web
- Complete statistics on movement of its account.
- It will be able to create accounts of mail in function to his space of storage and will be administered via webmail Outlook/

We are the best and more reliable alternative for companies:

• With Plans of Hosting or Lodging of websites, flexible and escalables, and with the best relation quality-cost in the market, so that you and/or your business grow according to your needs.
• Solutions in Lodging of webpages in Linux and Windows.
• Control Panels fast and easy to form, for the use of e-mail, accounts of FTP, subdomains, maintenance of domains, etc.
• All our plans come with multiple tools, as statistical of visits, Control Panel, e-mail, counts FTP, data bases, multimedia and much more.


EXPERIENCE. - than 1000 clients more satisfied

TRUSTWORTHINESS. - 99,99% of guaranteed operativity

SECURITY. - Daily systems of backups

SUPPORT. - Customized attention 24/7/365s

SOLUTIONS. - Ready systems to install

* the service of Hosting is of annual renovation.
* If you have other requirements, if it needs more disc capacity or perhaps it needs more monthly transference, or to have an e-mail with the name of its company or business, contacts itself with us to the telephone: (511) 377-1810 Movistar/RPM: #998920047 or enters our page of contact, we we will elaborate a plan to its measurement.