Development of Systems ERP

The Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) are mis that they integrate and they handle many of the businesses associated with the operations of production and of the aspects of distribution of a company it jeopardize in the production of goods or services.

Enterprise Resource Planning is a term derived from the Planning of Resources of Manufactura (MRPII) and followed of the Planning of Requirements of Material (MRP). Systems ERP typically handle the production, logistic, distribution, inventory, shipments, invoices and the accounting for the company of Enterprise Resource Planning or software ERP can take part in the control of many activities of businesses as sales, deliveries, payments, production, administration of inventories, quality of administration and the human resource management.

The main objectives of the development of systems ERP are:

• Optimization of the enterprise processes.
• Access to all the information of reliable form, needs and opportune (data integrity).
• The possibility of sharing information between all the components of the organization.
• Elimination of data and unnecessary operations of re-engineering.
• The fundamental intention is to grant support to the clients of the business, fast times of answer to its problems, as well as an efficient handling of information that allows the opportune taking of decisions and diminution of the total costs of operation.