Development of CRM Systems:: Customer Relationship Management

CRM consists of a strategy of the organization in who it centers his efforts in the knowledge of his clients, detecting his needs, increasing his degree of satisfaction, increasing his fidelity to the company and increasing the yield or benefits of the client to the company, by means of the analysis of the information extragoings by the clients from the different channels or mass media.

CRM talks about to those applications that the companies can use to administer all the aspects of their encounter with the clients. A CRM system can include everything, from technology for the data collection in the telephone calls of the area of sales, to situated supermarket Web where the clients can learn about products and of their purchase, or the analysis of the clients and the management systems of campaign.

CRM is a general strategy that allows the company to contact itself in efficient form with its clients. Thus the CRM solutions integrate the technology of the information (YOU) next to the telephony so that the companies can identify, attract and increase the retention of faithful clients through the administration of this reason.

Majorities of the Development of the CRM System:
• The recording of users has by objective that each client enters his account and can carry out the administration of different items.
• Possibility that the client realises the pursuit of which services has contracted, the description and durability of the same.
• Notes: it allows to consider and additional the explanatory notes that the company wishes to transmit the client.
• Budget: The user will be able to arrange from this section the budget in digital format (Excel or Word).
• Communication with the company: This communication channel will allow the client, through a simple form, to send the consultations, commentaries and questions that need to do. It will be able to choose to that responsible person within the company wishes to direct the restlessness him. Also it would count on a card that will have all the information of additional contact (telephones, direction, mails, etc).
• All the system of usuary recording of account with safety measures that offer to the user the absolute confidentiality of the information.
• The client will enter his account by means of the authentication of the user and chosen password.
• This system will be administered from a Control Panel from where they will be possible to be updated, to be modified and to be registered to the different clients, and therefore all the information related to the same (raised from the different sections).